Champagne dit Lambert Antiques

Champagne dit Lambert Antiques would like to thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to read this category. Our Website designers have created it, so I will endeavour to complete it and give you, as a potential client, an idea of just what our policies are regarding the sale of antiques.


First of all, with a few rare exceptions, we will make it our policy to have pricing available online so that the client doesn't have to email us. We see no reason whatsoever that prices should not be upfront and visual. To do otherwise, would be dishonest. Also this practice gives the client the option to just keep looking if they are not comfortable with our pricing of items.


On this website and in our Ottawa location, over the last 18 years, we have maintained a practice of selling our stock in the best possible condition. This policy is firm in this regard. I personally understand the situation nowadays (albeit, a lack of trust), considering what has transpired since the advent of the "internet" with regard to sellers misrepresentation of goods and the subsequent negative experiences buyers have had. We however, prefer to run our business in a more traditional and old fashioned manner. All our stock, especially china and crystal, has not been repaired and any defect will be plainly stated as such.


Lastly, we endeavour to do as much research on items as we are able. Any further information or correction dealing with our items for sale is appreciated and not held in a negative light. Our business, dealing with antiques, is an ongoing learning experience and an open mind only makes our store and website better.


Thank you again for visiting our website.